What is it to become a church sponsor?

The Super Sponsor program is for individuals that would like to empower churches to use Superbook Academy to disciple their young generation. Super Sponsor is a monthly sponsorship that will allow churches to have access to Superbook Academy (Sunday school curriculum) and Super Teachers’ Training at no cost. The sponsorship program will enable Sunday school teachers to be built up in their faith, and be trained on how to reach the kids in their church.

Sponsor a church for Rm100/month

Our commitment to church sponsors:

To provide monthly report through Email and Whatsapp

  • Testimonies from Sunday School children
  • Update for the past month
  • Our plan for the next month
  • Prayer points

Recurring Donation Methods

Donate via Mastercard/Visa or Debit card

Donate via Bank Transfer


We know Superbook changes lives forever


Vidhi believed that if she prayed to Jesus He would listen to her prayers and heal her grandfather, just like the paralysed man on Superbook.


8 year old Jayde started up a Bible study group and used Superbook to lead children from Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu families to Jesus.


After watching Superbook, Rachel gave her heart to Jesus. She then told her family about Him and they became Christians as well.

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